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Friday 5:30pm - Saturday 6:00pm


Redeemer Presbyterian Church 150 W 83rd Street New York, NY 10024


The Believers in Business Conference, in its tenth year, is the largest student-run national conference that equips and encourages Christian MBA students and graduates to live out their lives and careers for the glory of God. It does so by providing a forum for honest discussion on opportunities, challenges, and strategies for following Christ in the marketplace in ways that help them grow in their relationship with the Lord and impact others. On February 20-21, 2015, we welcomed more than 200 attendees from all across the country to Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. It was an amazing time of discerning faith and work.

What was new for 2015?


The theme for the 2015 BiB Conference was “Transformation.” As students, we have often heard that the MBA will transform us into better leaders and business people, but as Christians, we yearn to understand how God intends to transform us in this phase of life. The 2015 BiB Conference aimed to guide participants on this journey by exploring the following topics:

  1. Theology of work/business: How is God transforming us through the MBA process? What does He say about work, business and calling?
    Speaker: Shundrawn Thomas
  2. Christ-centered, servant leadership: What is servant leadership and how did Jesus embody it? How should our faith in Christ impact leadership in the business world?
    Speakers: Eff Martin and Thomas J. Healey
  3. Success, failure, power, and ambition: How does God transform us amid successes, failures, and the pressures of power and ambition?
    Speaker: Mark Whitacre
  4. Breakout panels (General Management, Entrepreneurship, Sales & Marketing, Finance): What does a transformed business person look like across industries and functions? How do we bring His purpose to our workplace every day?
  5. Stewardship and generosity: How do we use our personal talents and blessings to transform to the people and environment around us for God’s Kingdom?
    Speaker: Diane Paddison
  6. Business as mission: How can we shape businesses to become agents of God’s transformation? What might a business with strong Biblical values look like?
    Speaker: Henry Kaestner

Topics 1-3 focused  on our internal transformation as Christians, leaders, and business people, while topics 4-6 expanded on how we can become agents for transforming those around us. We found these topics and speakers illuminating and have found BiB 2015 to be an important part of our transformational journey.


Hosted by a coalition of Christian MBA students from top business schools in the US, the Believers in Business conference was founded in 2006 by former Yale professor David W. Miller, along with a group of Yale School of Management students, and was initially called the “Yale Christian MBA Business Conference.” Since then, BiB has expanded to include students from other MBA programs as well. Today, BiB is run by a Student Advisory Board comprising students from 16 MBA programs across the United States and is blessed by the steadfast support of InterVarsity’s National MBA Ministry.